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Composite Fillings


Composite fillings are done by using a tooth-colored material to give a natural appearance to your tooth.

Composite fillings are quite durable and can be used for small-to-mid size restorations. This material can also withstand some chewing pressure and fracture less than other filling materials.

In Composite fillings:

  • less tooth structure is removed during preparation of the tooth
  • Adhesive (Bond) is used to attach the material to the tooth
  • The filling may stain or discolor over time
  • The life expectancy of the filling depends on which tooth it is on and how much pressure is applied on it during chewing
  • Ideal for restoring chipped or worn front teeth


Reasons For Composite Fillings:

  • Restoring small to medium sized cavities
  • Restoring a cavity on an anterior (front) tooth
  • Restoring a chipped anterior (front) tooth

After the Composite Filling the tooth may be sensitive for a little while. If the sensitivity persists for a week or longer, please contact our office so we can examine the tooth and decide if any further treatment is required.